Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Well, the new website is now live! I've still got to do some finishing touches but overall I am happy with how it turned out. Check it out when you get a chance!

A note on redesign:

Many people think that redesigning a room costs a lot of money and is time consuming. In fact, a simple paint color change can make a world of difference for very little money. Another small change can be moving furniture to make the space bigger or more functional. It's also wise to reevaluate the actual items in the room. Do I really like this picture enough to keep it above the mantle? Or would that picture from the dining room fit better? I often take items from other rooms in my house and exchange them, just to add some change and freshen up the space.

If you need some direction on a paint color or any other aspects of redesign, we would love to help! Remember, it's our passion and we love to paint!

-Jennifer at Simply Staged

Thursday, February 11, 2010


What if you could sell your home faster and for more money? What if your home could be the one buyers are making a full-price offer for? At Simply Staged we know selling your home can be a stressful time. Let us take some of that stress by showing the best features of your home, using many of the items you already own. You will be amazed at how much return you get just by repositioning furniture, neutralizing paint color, and simplifying!

We are excited and passionate about the art of home staging, and we know that it works! More and more homeowners and realtors are turning to home staging for that very reason. Who wants to sit with their house on the market for months, especially in today's economy. Let us help you sell faster!

Please visit our website with any questions you may have. We look forward to hearing from you!

If you are interested in ideas on redesign, I would love to speak with you also! I will have a post on that tomorrow.